Things to do for March 19, 2015

The Weekender

Sausages, France and Queen of the Night

The weekend has a song in its heart and a smile on its face.

66% Off Jared Lang

66% Off Jared Lang

Jared Lang. If the name rings a bell, it’s probably because you’re familiar with their expertly crafted button-ups and bold dress socks. If not, well, good thing you ran into us, because we currently have an exclusive 66% off Perk for their latest collection. Timing, it’s everything.

You’re Kind Of a French Diplomat Now

You’re Kind Of a French Diplomat Now

Some guy named Eric Ripert is bringing in chefs to do dinners at the French Consulate. One of those dinners is happening soon. They told us they want you there, so you’ll need to get on the ticket acquisition right about now-ish. What does France want with you anyway?

Get Your Sausage Bracket Ready

Get Your Sausage Bracket Ready

You need no less than a 100-inch projector screen to adequately take in March Madness. DBGB happens to have just such a screen. And as a bonus, they’re doing 16 different sausages throughout the tournament, with a sausage bracket to determine the winner. Which seems futile with sausage.

Many Taps, All of Them Wine

Many Taps, All of Them Wine

Here’s an Alphabet City bar. With taps. No big deal, except all the taps are wine. There are no bottles. It’s just some guy tipping a wine glass beneath a spout, and then you put your hand out on the bar and he slides the wine to you. We hope.

Now open, Lois, 98 Ave C (between E 6th and E 7th), 212-475-1400

The Kooples Is in SoHo Now

The Kooples Is in SoHo Now

Leather sport coats. Crisp white Nehru button-ups. Black Chelsea boots. The Kooples has these things in their giant new SoHo digs. You don’t need any of them. But what’s that got to do with anything?

Opens Mar 22, The Kooples, 115 Mercer St (between Spring and Prince)

You, Onstage at Queen of the Night

You, Onstage at <em>Queen of the Night</em>

So you’ve just sat through Queen of the Night, had some cocktails, seen some people swing half-dressed in birdcages and the like. What next? Well, how about you just get onstage and start doing karaoke in front of everyone, because that’s an option now. Take additional cocktails as needed.

Mar 25, 10:30pm-3:30am, Queen of the Night, 235 W 46th St (between Broadway and 8th), 212-706-7448

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