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Holiday Cocktail Lounge is back open and in your life. It’s the glorious revival of a classic East Village watering hole that shut down lo these three years ago. Before you sample for yourself, we took the liberty of taking down some notes on the scene...

The guys making the drinks are still solid.
Stefan, the singing bartender at the former version, was a heavy-handed legend. But these guys were behind Ward III in Tribeca. Not a terrible trade-off.

It still feels pretty classic.
The idyllic dive, right down to the half-moon bar, the full-wall tufted-leather banquette and the obviously neighborhood crowd.

In terms of drinks...
The beer-and-shot combos are actually a beer and a shot of a cocktail. In full servings, try the Mortally Afraid of Madams, a rye-and-egg-wh—oh, who cares what’s in it, just look at that name.

They’re planning some nontraditional cocktails.
Including one called Madonna’s Virginity that involves piercing plastic wrap with a straw.

The guy who owned Pirate’s Booty says so.
He owns the place now.

In the wee, small hours, they offer out a limited amount of pizza turnovers for a buck a pop.
And the crowd goes wild.

Seriously, that actually happens.

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