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Four Things to Know About Peter Chang

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Let’s talk Szechuan.

No, not Szechuan corned beef. Rather, the legendary, mercurial Szechuan chef who just touched down back in the area.

His name’s Peter Chang. His new place opens tomorrow in Arlington. And it’s called—helpfully—Peter Chang Arlington.

Here are the four things to know:

The man’s got a following. The former Chinese Embassy chef has been pursued all over the Southeast by aficionados of his Duck in Stone Pot and Dry-Fried Eggplant. So much so that The New Yorker wrote about the pursuit.

You’re here for the food. Not so much for the basic dining room in a strip mall. Or the drinks (there won’t be any for a month or so). Best to make a night of it and find a bar afterward.

It’s spicy. Most dishes are marked with one to three peppers to let you know just how spicy. Some of them, like the brisket, get paired up with Chinese numbing spice to help you. Others, like the Crazy Beef with Ghost Chili (marked with five peppers), offer no mercy whatsoever.

You may see more of these. Like one in Rockville slated to open in a couple weeks.

We’re guessing it’ll be called Peter Chang Rockville.


Peter Chang Arlington
2503-E N Harrison St
Arlington, VA, 22207


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