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The Triumphant Return of STK

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It’s the dawning of a new day for STK Miami, the raucous house of steak and DJ-fueled dancing. It’s back. It’s sexy. It’s got churro milkshakes. And it’s taking reservations now for its reopening tonight in a brand-new spot a block up from the old one. (See the slideshow.)

A few things have changed since you last stepped foot in here. Such as:

The Atmosphere
Before: A dark, lofty space much akin to a SoBe nightclub.
After: Still dark, but cozier. There’s black fringe curtains framing the windows, crocodile-leather tables, potted orchids and bull horns protruding from the ceiling. These guys and their horns.

The Food
Before: STK classics like the Lil’ BRGs and foie gras french toast.
After: The above, along with newcomers like ceviche, tater tots and a churro milkshake made with cinnamon liqueur.

The Cocktails
Before: If memory serves... yes.
After: Yes. You’ll get them from a marble bar serving barreled Negronis and Moleritas with tequila, chili and chocolate.

The Entertainment
Before: A DJ doing the EDM thing. Dining room dance-offs.
After: A rosewood booth with a DJ spinning things with actual lyrics. Also: a selfie stick that’s available upon request.

Maybe just stick with eating your steak.


STK Miami
2311 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139


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