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Fast-forward to Wednesday. The day after St. Patrick’s Day. The day before the tournament starts. You’ll need to fill it with something.

May we suggest a new hotel bar.

Here’s Station Kitchen & Cocktails, opening Wednesday at the newly refurbished Embassy Row Hotel.

Take a look. This is one of those hotel bars that blends right into the lobby. And you can get something or other here at any time of day or night. Like so...

9am. Grab some Compass Coffee at the espresso counter and a pastry made at Union Kitchen. Then head to a big yellow sofa. There’s wi-fi and a power outlet nearby. Nice.

4pm. For now, stick to the long white bar. But soon, you’ll go to the terrace patio overlooking Mass Ave. In your glass: bottled cocktails with grapefruit-infused rye.

8pm. Time to take up at a big communal table and see what the chef (a Vidalia vet) has to offer. Spoiler: it’s beef Wellington meatballs and saffron swordfish over lotus-root chips.

3am. Next to the coffee bar, there’s a grab-and-go case. In it: egg-salad banh mi and housemade ice cream sandwiches.

See, you can have a good idea at 3am.


Station Kitchen & Cocktails
at The Embassy Row Hotel
2015 Massachusetts Ave NW
(at Q)
Washington, DC, 20036


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