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Meet the New Truluck’s

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“We can rebuild it. We have the technology. We can make it better than it was. Better, stronger, faster.”

That’s a weird thing to say about a restaurant...

Applies here, though.

Welcome back, Truluck’s. The newly constructed seafood emporium is now open in Uptown just behind the previous version, which found a second life as a parking lot. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

So, what’s changed? Glad you asked.

Then: It was a one-story operation. The neon-green sign and all that chrome gave things a real diner feel on the outside.
Now: They added another story, for starters. The neon’s gone, and everything’s all sleek and handsome.

Then: Pretty cozy spot with red leather booths.
Now: They’ve still got the red leather booths. But now you’ve got 12,000 square feet to work with, including a large upstairs dining room with private event space.

Then: A 14-seat bar.
Now: A 90-seat bar with a piano and live jazz. That’s precisely 76 seats better than its predecessor.

Then: A menu consisting of chilled seafood platters, 16-ounce ribeyes and fresh stone crabs.
Now: The exact same thing.



2401 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75201


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