Ox & Son

The One Who Ox

A Charming Montana Wine-and-Pig-Cheek Spot

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Only the finest for you this evening.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape at a gleaming granite bar.

Prime beef tartare with truffled egg.

Maybe some Schlitz in a goblet?

Pencil in Ox & Son, a charming new corner spot for chicken-fried duck confit and some unexpected beer options, now soft-open from the owners of Ashland Hill and Art’s Table. (See the slideshow.)

This place is nice. All encased in glass. With an attractive granite bar up front wrapping around to leather stools facing the street. For meeting up with people you like for a session IPA or Spanish red while watching Montana’s circus through the glass. Next round’s on the last person to see a be-Ugged yoga woman buying a scented candle. Or something.

Beyond that is a vast sea of green banquettes and regal leather chairs and chicken-fried duck confit and sticky pig cheeks and mussel-and-chorizo poutine from Inn of the Seventh Ray’s old chef. Shoot for the elevated chef’s table floating in the middle.

Also, they claim to be the only place in LA where you’ll find Schlitz on tap. It’s served in these old-school Schlitz goblets they found.

The Châteauneuf-du-Pape is not.


Ox & Son
1534 Montana Ave
Santa Monica, CA 90403


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