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Steak, Wine and Gnocchi Mac and Cheese

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No time to waste when there’s good steak to be had. So here’s Adena Grill & Wine Bar, an impressive new expanse dedicated to wine-soaked carnivorous endeavors... and the pursuit of gnocchi mac and cheese, now open in Gulfstream Park.

Let’s tour the place, shall we?

Just look at what you’re working with here. A business-lunch/date-night powerhouse with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, orchids and dark wood. No, really: look.

Here’s the wine cellar. It’s got 7,000 bottles of wine. Should be enough.

Oh, and this is just a private chef’s table for you and 15 of your friends.

On the wall here are hand-painted murals by a Russian artist. Nice.

Behold: gnocchi mac and cheese. Bask in its photogenic glory.

Bone-in steak. This is something you’ll enjoy eating.

In this picture: green thing next to bone marrow, amazingly tasty bone marrow, things that go with bone marrow.

To the right: a cocktail called the Leah. There’s vodka, port wine, spiced pineapple syrup and egg white in there.

And that’s... the end of our tour.


Adena Grill & Wine Bar
900 Silks Run, Unit 1740
Hallandale Beach, FL, 33009


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