Star Birch

Lobster Burgers, Tequila Old Fashioneds and Patios

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Here’s a great little place for the next time you feel a sudden need to visit David Niven’s star on the Walk of Fame.

It’s called Birch, a convivial new affair with rabbit baklava and barrel-aged tequila Old Fashioneds, opening tonight in Hollywood. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

It’s from Brendan Collins. Last you saw him, he was cooking you beef Wellington and pork shank at Waterloo & City with guys in bowler hats. Here you’ll catch him in a glass box, figuring out what the menu should be that day. No promises on the bowler hats.

Stop by some afternoon soon. Order beer or a barrel-aged tequila Old Fashioned with edible flowers before finding the slim Cahuenga-side patio (there’s another one in the alley, just so you know) to await your Amoeba date. Throw in a pair of dry-aged burgers topped with lobster thermidor before they run out. Meet date’s gaze and feel satisfied. Nod. Another bite. And lo, the Amoeba run is wordlessly rescheduled.

Or come with friends post-ArcLight for shareable monkfish tikka masala and rabbit baklava.

They’re always bugging you to take them somewhere with rabbit baklava.

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