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A Cozy Nook for Duck-Mole Burritos and Beer

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Home is where the heart is.

Sorry, we meant: home is where the duck-mole burrito is.

So hang your hat at Fooq’s, an utterly cozy and welcoming new comfort-food spot, opening Friday in Downtown. (See the slideshow here.)

Occupying the former Nemesis address, this is definitely... not that. No, this feels more like you’ve just walked into someone’s Southwestern-leaning living room to demand burritos. Which would never really happen because you’d knock first.

Anyway, the Southwestern thing—it’s all around you here. The rustic wooden bench, the antelope head on the wall. It’s just the kind of spot that lends itself to the comfort food being served by a Michelle Bernstein protégé.

Which means, yes, burritos. Of the duck-mole variety. And a menu that leans toward things like meatballs, osso buco and PB&Js made with almond butter and marmalade on a croissant.

Now, a quieter date night, sure—that could work here. But so could a mellow working lunch where a Persian Sundae with saffron and rosewater ice cream makes an appearance.

Yep, just like home.

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