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Bacchanal, but Downstairs

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Isn’t it great when things turn out to contain other things?


Russian nesting dolls.

And Bacchanal Downstairs, which is, you know, underneath Bacchanal, and it’s a lounge. It’s open. Beneath Bacchanal.

More specifically, what you’re looking at, or what you will be when you go there, is a lounge below the sidewalk you so casually walk upon. One with cognac Sazeracs and fancy types of gin fizzes and a DJ booth.

Which reminds us—these gents run Bathtub Gin, a position that carries with it a charge of spontaneous dancing and less-than-spontaneous burlesque (it’ll still seem spontaneous to you). A charge they’ll meet.

The math here adds up to you and a date or just a bunch of attractive people securing some type of leather seating situation and you stretching out your arms over the bunch, laughing at yourself for really doing that and then somehow having it work out anyway.

If all else fails, there’s going to be karaoke—the kind where you sing in front of everyone.

That always saves things.

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