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An NYC Brunch Legend Lands in Miami Beach

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No introduction needed.

Okay, maybe a few words couldn’t hurt...

Because the NYC bastion of brunch-party lore is here with the champagne and chateaubriand to fuel your future dinner fete. In Miami Beach, specifically. It’s called Bagatelle Miami Beach. And it’s ready to pour your drink... now. (See the slideshow here.)

You’ve probably heard stories of what happens at Bagatelle. The tabletop dance-offs, the bottles of champagne being sprayed wantonly around the room, the sparklers, the waiter with a tablecloth cape delivering jeroboams while the Superman theme song plays—all before 3pm.

And now you can experience that. Well, almost. Not the brunch part. That won’t happen for a couple of weeks. But if you want to fill up one of their massive booths with 17 of your closest friends along with some Petrossian caviar and whole roasted truffled chicken for dinner, you can do that today. (See the menu here.)

Now, the chandeliers, the towering flowers in vases and all of that beigey-ness surrounding you—you’ll find those things at their other five places. But it’s only here that you’ll sit with Bugs Bunny, SpongeBob and the Hulk—in the form of framed art.

SpongeBob really knows his chateaubriand.

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