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This Sushi Lounge Involves a Bluepointe Vet

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It’s Friday.

Good hustle.

Way to leave it all on the field this week.

Let’s celebrate.

At Red Martini, a new Buckhead spot for post-work drinks, date-night sushi and late-night dancing that’s soft-opening tonight on Peachtree. (Here’s your slideshow and your menu.)

We bestow unto you three ways to use this place...

A long and winding dinner date.
Enter the dark, intimate and very red dining room and wave to the Bluepointe vet in the kitchen. He’ll be the guy preparing your quail egg sashimi and tempura prawn rolls with mango chutney. He’s there until 2am. And God help us if he runs out of chutney.

Happy hour with a group.
You’re working with two bars. One up front—we’ll call it the “front bar.” And one in back—not sure what to call that one. But pick one and request a Red Dawn martini with tequila, watermelon puree and hibiscus tea. It’s what the queen drinks. Probably.

Yes. Dancing.
Nestled among the red-velvet-covered walls and black leather furniture is a floor upon which to dance. Expect ’80s and ’90s pop out of the DJ. Probably other stuff, too.

There’s also a covered patio.

Crap. Now that’s four ways.

We’re not starting over.

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