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What You Need to Know About Porchlight

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Hmm, let’s see, what could we talk about today?

There’s House of Cards, snow, Benjamin Netanyahu’s impending speech to Congress.

Oh yeah, Danny Meyer’s new cocktail bar.

Let’s talk about Porchlight, a vast, Southern watering hole from Danny f**king Meyer, now open in the far reaches of Chelsea.

You should know some things about this. Things like these things.

There’s an actual porch.
But it’s inside, and it’s got the rocking chairs and everything. Also: live music a lot of the time.

By “Southern,” we mean...
Think less along the lines of dry martinis and more along the lines of pre-bottled corn-whiskey-Mexican-fernet-and-cola drinks and cognac Sazeracs.

It’s a little out of the way.
Pretty far west, which has one big advantage for the coming (we swear) warmer months—you can get here via the High Line.

There’s jerky.
And deep-fried sausage balls. And a bison burger. Divine absorption.

You should try the blue cocktail.
It’s called Gun Metal Blue, and it’s your one free pass on drinking a blue cocktail this year.

A game room is forthcoming.
Well, it is.

You’re going to get a look at all of it here.
Well, you are.

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