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Hot Dogs, Pork Sandwiches and Beer: Here

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The best things in life are worth waiting for...

... is a saying that can be easily applied to hot dogs and roast-pork sandwiches.

So let’s apply it to Luscher’s Red Hots, the long-awaited beacon of Chicago-meets-Texas-meets... meat, open as of today in Deep Ellum. (See the slideshow.)

Yes, after a couple years of stops and starts and location changes, Brian Luscher’s ode to delicious things is upon us. And inside these friendly confines you’ve got a real industrial vibe, with bricks and wood and cement. Plus a walk-up counter for ordering and high-backed booths for sitting. Yep, that checks all the boxes.

And the menu: it’s like a backyard barbecue at a baseball home opener. We’re talking roast-pork sandwiches with giardiniera, Italian-beef sandwiches dipped in gravy and a whole section of sausages, including those famous Post Oak Red Hots. (See the full menu.)

You’ll do quite well here. But let’s see, what else... oh yeah, there’s beer. Gotta have beer. Also: hand-cut fries, a two-patty Wagyu burger and a nice patio out front with picnic tables. That last one isn’t food, but still thought you should know.

In case the sun comes out one day.

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