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An Incan Temple of Ceviche and Pisco

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That’s the sound of your week ending.

Yes, with a bang.

And some pisco, naturally.

At this place: Coya, an opulent temple of Peruvian fare and pisco infusions that’s opening March 6 in Brickell. Here’s the slideshow. Trust us, you’ll want to take a look.

But lest you think your eyes are deceiving you, here are four words that aren’t: this place is stunning. Chandeliers, gold tables and walls, velvet chairs, Incan sculptures, a library filled with 20 different pisco infusions in jars along with aged versions of the Peruvian liquor in barrels.

Make no mistake about it, you’re here to impress. Date, clients, whoever—this is it. Start off at the pisco bar with the aji panca chili infusion and segue to a table immersed in South American art for charcoal-grilled anticuchos and classic takes on ceviche and tiraditos.

Now, the London and Dubai outposts of this place come equipped with members-only lounges. This version does, too. There’s an annual fee to gain access, but you’ll be rewarded with a private terrace, a locker for your cigars and bottles, and servers who know your favorite dishes without even having to ask.

It’s amazing what they can do with flash cards these days.

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