Things to do for February 26, 2015

The Weekender

Meatballs, Flasks and Johnny Cash

See that? It’s the first sign of weekend.

Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash

Happy Birthday, Johnny Cash

If the Man in Black were around today, he’d be turning 83. And he’d probably be attending his own birthday celebration at Loretta’s Last Call, featuring tributes from local musicians and a little karaoke situation. Someone might request Johnny Cash.

Fake Lava and DJs at Brooklyn Boulders

Fake Lava and DJs at Brooklyn Boulders

Climbing a lava flow is dangerous. Climbing a waterfall is impossible. But climbing these and other obstacles while they’re projected on rock-climbing walls at Brooklyn Boulders is considerably easier. Oh, and there’ll also be DJs and a show highlighting local artists. Of course there are DJs.

The Greatest Flasks You Ever Did See

The Greatest Flasks You Ever Did See

There’s a fair chance you own a flask by now. But on the off chance it isn’t a handmade ceramic one from Oregon decorated with strangely pleasing parallel lines, arrows and giant X’s, you can now procure one at December Thieves. Just in case.

Available now, Handmade Ceramic Flasks by Benjamin June, December Thieves, 88 Charles St, 617-982-6802; and 524 Harrison Ave, 617-375-7879

They’re Sale-ing Pretty Hard at Uniform

They’re Sale-ing Pretty Hard at Uniform

Today on UrbanDaddy Boston Investigates: Uniform claims they’re knocking 40% to 50% off the likes of Gant shirts, Scotch & Soda blazers and jeans by Levi’s Made & Crafted. We ask: can these startling allegations possibly be true? Yes. Thanks for tuning in.

Ongoing, Uniform, 511 Tremont St, 617-247-2360

A Choose-Your-Own Meatball Adventure

A Choose-Your-Own Meatball Adventure

How to use the Met’s new meatball bar:

1) Start with two meatballs.
2) Choose one of six sauces ranging from Bolognese to buffalo.
3) Turn them into sliders, or add them to spaghetti, polenta or mac and cheese.
4) Exclaim “Mamma mia, that’s a spicy meat-a-ball.”
5) Ignore step 4.

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