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Burgers. Dogs. Pretzels. Suckling pig with kumquats in a striking penthouse.

Just a quick sampling of your dinner options in AT&T Park’s orbit...

Meet EatWith Test Kitchen, a new penthouse hideout that involves a couple dozen diners, one long table and a rotating set of transitory chefs—now hosting dinners. (Here’s the slideshow.)

So, EatWith. That’s that thing where you can go to a chef’s house for dinner, here or in some charming little corner of Tel Aviv. It’s in 150 cities around the world. Also, now it’s in this private penthouse space with sweeping views of the park—and all sorts of things can happen at that table.

Chefs will come through to test out dishes for an upcoming restaurant, or maybe just to cook because chefs are kind of crazy and even when they get a day off they don’t know what to do with themselves if they’re not holding a colander.

Jonnatan Leiva is here Friday (with suckling pig) and again next month. The La Cocina chefs are coming through. And the Dock/Hawker Fare chef is doing a big lunch for the Giants opener on April 13, with beer pairings from the Shed.

Capital “S.” Capitalization is so important.


EatWith Test Kitchen
188 King St, 7th Fl
(at 3rd)
San Francisco, CA, 94107


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