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A Barbecue-and-Beer Joint on Ross

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Let’s set the scene.

You’re hungry. You’re pressed for time. And you’ve got a couple options.

In column A: drive-through burgers and fries.

In column B: drive-through brisket. And ribs. And potato salad. And beer.

Tough choice...

Grab an extra napkin for Back Home Barbecue, a no-frills smoked-meat joint with beer and a drive-through (okay, so some frills), open now for dinner on Ross. It comes from the Company Café guys, and you can see it here.

Remember, it’s what’s inside that counts. Because the outside: not much to look at. But inside this unassuming red building, you’ll find a walk-up counter where you can quickly increase your protein intake via a half-rack of ribs. And as soon as their license comes in, you can quickly increase your beer intake with beer.

If you’re eating on-site, fill up one of those picnic tables with some meat and a couple sides like bacon-cheddar mashed potatoes and coleslaw.

But if you’re driving home from work and need a quick dinner, do pretty much the same thing. Except clear your passenger seat for brisket and sausage and a beer (or six) to go.

Brisket always rides shotgun.


Back Home Barbecue
5014 Ross Ave
Dallas, TX, 75206


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