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Burgers. Tacos. Whiskey. Makes Sense.

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Quick, here’s a pop quiz:

“BTW” stands for:

a) By the Way
b) Burger, Taco, Whiskey
c) But Thoreau Would’ve

With all due respect to Walden...

... the correct answer is now b. Or at least it is at BTW, a new burger, taco and whiskey joint being helmed by a Michelin-starred chef, open as of today in South Beach. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

This was the original Lime. But the 50 Eggs crew decided to shake things up a bit, so they swooped in and made it look less like a taco shack and more like an ode to America—with wood, copper and posters of Sinatra and Elvis. Also, an outdoor terrace filled with string lights and a living plant wall. Pretty nice.

But what’s nicer is the following numbers: 123, 49, 20. Because that’s how many whiskey, tequila and mezcal bottles they have on hand, respectively. Should be plenty.

So come in one afternoon. Sure, could be this afternoon. Then get cozy with their menu of good old American favorites. Things like bacon-wrapped hot dogs, pork belly tacos and burgers topped with Miami Smokers bacon.

Bacon always seems to know where to find you.

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