Belle Reve

For Whom the Belle Tolls

Cocktails and Jam Sessions in Tribeca

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Is there anything bad about Fridays?


They’re the most perfect combination of anticipation and optimism and finality and not caring about tomorrow morning ever assembled in a single day of the week.

Bravo, Fridays.

Plus, this.

It’s Belle Reve, an instant classic of a cocktail and fortification-for-cocktails spot, now open in Tribeca.

First off, it means “beautiful dream,” and it’s courtesy of men from Employees Only, Soho House, Exchange Alley and Macao Trading Company.

Given the background, you can deduce at least two things: the drinks will be good, and it’ll get rowdy.

You’ll show up here with a date perhaps, but more likely just a small pack of confederates, and dig into some marrow fries and Starving Artist Steak, before getting maybe just the slightest bit irresponsible with cocktails.

Which reminds us about that rowdiness: an arsenal of instruments sitting above the bar can be used to start an impromptu jam session, hopefully fueled by Babos, which are tequila, Aperol and Cocchi Rosetta combined in a single drinking vessel.

Or, if you prefer, there’ll be more talented, professional musicians doing their thing on a regular basis.

Not that you don’t play a haunting kazoo.

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