Things to do for February 19, 2015

The Weekender

Brewcade, Dumplings and... Cooking with Cannabis

You wouldn’t believe what’s in the weekend’s gift bag.

Your “Happy Chinese New Year” Options

Your “Happy Chinese New Year” Options

Hakkasan, of course. They’ve got eight family-style courses involving dumplings and stir-fry ribeye. Also, a wishing tree.
Central Kitchen, also of course. They’ve got 10 family-style dishes from former Agricole chef Brandon Jew. No wishing tree, though.

Here, Have a Happy Hour at Brewcade

Here, Have a Happy Hour at Brewcade

Twenty-eight hours. That’s about 17% of your week. It’s also the amount of time Brewcade’s good draft beers (and wines) are a dollar off and some cans are $3, and the arcade games haven’t excused themselves from the happy hour situation. That would be weird.

Daily, 3-7pm, Brewcade, 2200 Market St (at 15th)

This May or May Not Change Your Life

This May or May Not Change Your Life

You get a parking ticket in San Francisco, Fixed has been all over handling that for you. You get a parking ticket in Oakland, Fixed left you crouched and alone behind a dented meter, softly weeping. Anyway, they exist in Oakland now.

Now operating in Oakland, Fixed, available for iPhone

Typical Cooking-with-Cannabis Class

Typical Cooking-with-Cannabis Class

If you happen to know someone who has a medical ID card to legally procure marijuana, and if that person is also interested in using it to make pot butter, and then using that butter to make a nice baked good, that person sounds like a fun person. Who might enjoy a “CannaButter” cooking class.

Feb 21, 11am-4pm, $85-$175, CannaButter: The Art of Cooking with Marijuana, tickets here

An Important Table at Namu Gaji

An Important Table at Namu Gaji

There is a table. It’s a communal table covered with endless kimchi, galbi, spicy pork ribs and Hite beer. And it exists Monday night at Namu Gaji’s now-monthly all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue situation. They mean no disrespect to other tables.

Feb 23 (and last Monday of every month), 5:30 or 8pm, $80, Namu Gaji, 499 Dolores St (at 18th), 415-431-6268, tickets here

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