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Neapolitan Pies and Wine in Wynwood

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Taco pizza.

Oh, hey. Now that we have your attention...

Here comes Cafe Babbo, an artsy little neighborhood pizzeria doling out Neapolitan-style pies, wine and, yes, taco pizzas, now open in Wynwood.

Walking in, you’ve got white-and-black floors. Platinum walls. Funky chairs made by Dutch hippies. And a Babbo sculpture modeled in the neo-Expressionist Transavantgarde movement—actually, you know what... just take a look at the whole thing right over here.

And when you’re done with that, here are a few salient feasting points:

—They’ve got a wood-burning oven churning out all manner of pies like the Babbo Pizza with bacon and egg.

—The owner’s parents have a winery in Italy. It’s called Castello Romitorio. That’s what you’ll be drinking with your pie.

—The Fiat 500 in here is real. It’s from Italy. It was built in 1961. No, you can’t eat your pizza in it.

—On Tuesdays, they have something called a taco pizza. It’s basically a cheesy pizza crust that’s been stuffed with guac and chicken or shrimp and then folded in half.

#TacoPizzaTuesday has a nice ring to it.

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