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How the Pinewood Saved Your Home Bar

None Sure, you could go to a bar, order a cocktail, wait a few minutes and then enjoy that cocktail.

But it’s, like, 40 degrees out.

Come on.

Besides, now there’s Proof, a just-launched family of cocktail syrups crafted by the evil geniuses behind the bar at the Pinewood, now available in places like H&F Bottle Shop and Hop City Westside, and in-house at the Pinewood.

Congratulations on your future delicious cocktails. Big days ahead. Really big days.

Anyway, your choices are Traditional, Pecan and Maple Bacon. The Traditional one tastes like something you might serve with some bourbon and pancakes. The other ones taste like what they’re called. Let’s not make a big deal out of this, okay?

Just pick your poison, invite a few friends over, and proceed to dazzle and amaze without any of the usual putting-in-effort-related pitfalls of dazzling and amazing.

Each bottle makes 32 drinks. Unless you stop into the Pinewood for their gallon size.

Then it makes more drinks.


available at the Pinewood
254 W Ponce De Leon Ave
Decatur, GA, 30030

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