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Trinity Groves Gets a Japanese Spot

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Friday the 13th.

People say it’s unlucky.

But this seems to contradict that.

Break out your chopsticks for Sushi Bayashi, a stripped-down Japanese spot that’s peddling sushi, beer and ramen, now open for dinner at Trinity Groves. (See the slideshow.)

Sushi is having a good week. Because first there was this place. And now we’ve got a casual, minimalist hangout with communal wooden tables, big chalkboards, sake drums and a real izakaya feel to it all.

So it’s a fine option for gathering some friends and then gathering around Japanese beers and shared plates like fried chicken gizzards and hamachi collars. From there, you can continue making wise decisions by ordering sushi and bowls of ramen. Yep, no one’s regretting that. (See the menu.)

For now, it’s dinner only, but soon they’ll begin serving lunch. Which means you can do pretty much the same stuff as above, only earlier in the day.

In case you were unclear how lunch works.

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