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Look, we’re big fans of you doing things.

Making moves. Being active. Not lying prostrate.

Once in a while, though, you should really just sit there. For hours.

But there needs to be wine.

Like at The Camlin, just a stellar Williamsburg spot to waste a day away drinking grapes and eating cheese. It opens tomorrow.

We’re going to go ahead and invent a term here—“Kent Avenue Modern.” That’s what we’re calling this amalgam of thin marble bar, couch-like banquettes and tasteful but uncomfortable-looking stools that you and your companion can laugh at being stuck on together.

It’s one of a handful of super-clean, angular, pristine spots near or at the bottom of tall residential buildings along the Williamsburg waterfront. It’s a new day, and it’s not all bad.

Which is to say, you’ll find glasses of stuff from exotic lands like Virginia and Michigan, and you just pick at things and have hours-long conversations and forget there’s such a thing as responsibilities.

About the picking at things: one full wall is just a chalkboard full of menu. Get the cheese board. Yeah, we know, it’s a cheese board, but here, you get that.

Because cheese boards are the opposite of responsibility.

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