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Sushi Rolls and Sake Bottles Happen Here

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As a rule, bombs are bad.

But there are exceptions.

For example: sake bombs.

So offer a hearty “kampai” to Blue Sushi Sake Grill, a raw-fish joint hailing from that seafood bastion that is... Nebraska, now open at the new Preston Hollow Village development. (See the slideshow.)

Yep, this place comes to us from Omaha. Didn’t see that one coming. But thanks, Omaha. Because to your left there’s a sleek dining room for all your nigiri and sashimi needs. And to the right: a low-lit sake lounge where you can relax on plush couches with Japanese beers and sake flights. (Here’s the menu.)

So the next time you’re hungry or thirsty... this place. Take an extended lunch break over shishito peppers and bigeye tuna, or swing by at night to have dinner at the sushi bar. There you can watch the chef slice this and roll that while a silent movie projects behind him.

But when your chief concern is drinking, you’ll want to settle into the sake lounge. Take a seat right by that Godzilla mural (there’s a Godzilla mural) and point to a bottle of cold, dry sake.

Ordering it verbally works, too.


Blue Sushi Sake Grill
7859 Walnut Hill Ln, Ste 100
Dallas, TX, 75230


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