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Downtown’s New Grilled Cheese Shop

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American cheese. White bread. Tater tots.

Entire empires have risen on nothing more.

Well, that’s an incredible overstatement.

Sorry, we’re just excited about Melt Shop, the first DC location of an NYC-based micro-chain of grilled cheesiness, opening Tuesday on L Street. (See the menu and the slideshow.)

If you work downtown, great. Here’s a new place for gooey, griddle-fried lunches. If you don’t work downtown, schedule a meeting for downtown already. Tell your lunch date you’ll buy them some tots. That always works.

But don’t expect anything too fancy. It’s just a fast-casual spot with wood paneling and chalkboards with cheeky grilled cheese art. It’s not like the menu, which is serious.

In that it forces you to choose between havarti and truffle oil on sourdough, or fried chicken with pepper jack and blue-cheese buffalo sauce, also on sourdough. Or loaded tots, which are basically like nachos made with tots.

Come to think of it, do lunch on the later side. After all, the crowds will have thinned. Plus that’s when you can get their house tap beer (made by Abita) for three bucks. And their Nutella-Fluff milkshakes...

... are still Nutella-Fluff milkshakes.


Melt Shop
1901 L St NW
Washington, DC, 20036


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