What It Seams

Cocktails and Fireplace and Mutton Burger

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But there’s a mutton burger now.

It’s at Seamstress, a mad concoction of a cocktail den from a cocktail all-star, and a hearty food den from some food all-stars. It’s opening Thursday on, get this, the Upper East Side.

The Gilroy guys (nay, the Ducks Eatery guys) hopped on the phone or the Internet or something with many-awards-winning Pam Wiznitzer of Dead Rabbit fame, and decided they ought to do something on East 75th together. The result is this.

Results may include but are not limited to: a burger made of mutton, a braised-pork dish made of lust and a bunch of drinks that’ll likely be better than whatever you’ll have tonight. Look, why don’t you.

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