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Fresh Biscuits and a World of Spices on 8th

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We’ll make this quick because we’d like to go get some cheddar-and-scallion biscuits.

So: there’s a new spot for cheddar-and-scallion biscuits.


Okay, fine. We’ll tell you a bit more.

It’s called Souk, it’s a charming little storefront of baked stuff and spices, and it just opened on Barracks Row from the owner of the Sweet Lobby up the street.

Biscuits. This place has them. And we suppose you could grab a bunch (in flavors like rosemary, caramelized-onion-and-currant and the aforementioned cheddar-and-scallion) for some elevated road trip food. Or for an unusually chilly Valentine’s Day picnic. But mostly you’ll just have them with your coffee. Right at their big, rustic farm table. (See the slideshow here.)

And while you’re at it, you’ll probably feel the magnetic pull of sour-cherry-and-vanilla scones, or spiral buns, filled with the likes of ham, egg and cheddar.

Then you’ll get up, in a haze of rosemary and butter. You’ll think, “I should see what’s on these shelves.” Like wasabi oil and teas designed for mixing into drinks. Also: 150-odd spices, like Iranian saffron, Syrian chili pepper and cherrywood-smoked salt.

Probably regular salt, too.

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