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Raising ’Cayne

A 24/7 Diner for Pork, Waffles and Beer

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The two worst words in the English language: last call.

About those...

You won’t hear them at Biscayne Diner, an NYC-style diner serving up waffles, osso buco and beer 24 hours a day, opening Thursday (cross your fingers) on Biscayne. (See the slideshow.)

First thing you should know: they’ll be open 24/7. So if you’re thinking you might want to bookmark this spot for one of those it’s-so-late-that-“late”-is-actually-an-understatement nights out on the town: good call.

And yes, you’re right, this was already a diner. Except now, it’s been taken over by the former executive chef of Seaspice and the owner of This Little Piggy in NYC. And it kind of looks like you’re standing in the middle of a subway station—checkered floors, chalk art of passenger cars... and a mural of Lady Liberty.

New Yorkers.

Anyway, the pork osso buco. It’s pretty serious here. Pair it up with a beer or some other diner-friendly fare. Asparagus soup, waffles, sundaes. Beer and waffles sound great, actually.

But if you’re really conflicted, you can always opt for the daily “Fat F**k Special.”

We assume it’ll involve a fair amount of food.


Biscayne Diner
8601 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL, 33138


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