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All-Day Breakfast and a Cereal Bar in Midtown

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A well-balanced breakfast is a great way to start the day.

A bourbon breakfast cocktail is another way to start the day.

But hey, your call...

At Hi-Five Diner, a casual new place for lunch, dinner, all-day breakfast, all-day cocktails and something called the Cereal Killer that you don’t get to hear about just yet, open as of today in Midtown.

This is from the guy who brought you Grindhouse. He’s thoughtful, which probably explains why he built you a diner.

And dine you shall. Among walls of 1950s-inspired murals, yellow subway tile and a giant, black leather booth over to the side. Bonus: you’ve got three bars to work with. A coffee and espresso one: you’re familiar. An alcohol one: no introduction needed. And a cereal one: we’ll go on...

Meet the Cereal Killer. It’s an all-you-can-eat cereal buffet overflowing with those tiny boxes filled with your favorite childhood foodstuffs. But since you’re a child no more, you’re now having them with a Hot Tod. It’s bourbon, hot tea, spiced honey liqueur and lemon, of course.

And on nice days, the garage door will open, and you’ll have access to the patio bar outside. Which, sorry, actually makes that four bars.

Won’t happen again.

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