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A Casual Spot for Ceviche and Drinks

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It’s not summer yet.

Heck, it’s not even spring.

But the sun’s out, the temperature’s moving toward 70, and the whole thing’s very confusing.

Case in point: C’Viche, a sunny little Latin American spot you’ll visit for fresh fish, tequila and tacos, soft-open now and officially opening Tuesday. (See the slideshow.)

This place comes to us from Randall Warder, he of the neighboring Clark Food & Wine Co. And here he’s doing a casual, counter-service hangout with bright-red stools, big tables and a menu that’s specializing in... ceviche. Good guess. Lots of ceviche here.

See the menu if you don’t believe us. Then swing by for lunch or dinner to actually eat the stuff. You can choose your seafood (scallops, tuna, shrimp...) and choose from styles like Baja or Peruvian. But you’ll also need some street corn and something in the chicken-tinga-taco department. Like a plate of chicken tinga tacos. That should do the trick.

And to drink: a vacation-worthy bar that’s stocked with south-of-the-border spirits like tequila, rum, cachaça and pisco. Things that taste delicious consumed from a coconut whilst lying on the beach. Or sipped from a glass on a Greenville patio.

We’ll take what we can get.

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