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Coffee, Taxidermy and a Giant Westside Patio

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There are certain criteria that make for a good coffee shop.

Freshly ground Counter Culture espresso beans.

Supple, leathery couches.

A red fox nestled up against the wall.

Couple gazelles.

Maybe a turtle lamp or two.

Point is: Chattahoochee Coffee Company, a cozy new place to grab some coffee, do stuff on your computer, chat with friendly strangers and gain a newfound appreciation for stuffed animals, is opening Sunday on the Westside. (This is your slideshow.)

It’s their second location, sure. But this time, they’ve traded the back porch Hooch views of their riverside counterpart for panoramic skyline ones as gazed upon by a giant covered patio. We get it, Atlanta, you look good. Now, on to the inside.

It’s big, woodsy, welcoming and home to many previously alive birds and woodland creatures. If there’s an available seat at the bar, you should be in it. Sit and watch your pour-over coffee being poured over.

Or maybe pull out your journal and relocate to one of the tables made with century-old wood from a Goodyear factory in North Georgia. “Dear Journal, I met the greatest coffee shop today. I think it may be the one. And their tables used to be a Goodyear factory.”

Don’t let anyone see that.


Chattahoochee Coffee Company
at the Walton Westside
790 Huff Rd NW
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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