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A Lovely Historic Spa Situation in Germany

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A lot has changed since 1890.

Pretty much everything, really.

But let’s get specific about it.

Villa Stéphanie, once a historic royal residence in Baden-Baden, Germany, is now a stunning spa hotel. It’s taking reservations now.

Quick backstory: this used to house the Grand Duchess of Baden, who also happened to be the adoptive daughter of Napoleon. So pretty royal as far as 19th-century princesses go. And the place where it stands was known as Europe’s “summer capital,” where royal folks would come and do... well, probably not do much.

Take a look here. You’ve got the same place, all Victorian architecture with tall hedges, wrought iron and rolling lawns. But no noble title is required. Plus, it’s been totally refurbished into a 15-room spa hotel, with Turkish baths, plunge pools and a 1,600-square-foot sauna (so sauna floor hockey is now a possibility).

You, too, will come here when you feel like doing absolutely nothing. Except, of course, if you feel motivated enough for a private kickboxing lesson from a European champion. Or a mountain bike ride through the Black Forest. Followed by aqua-therapy sessions and four-handed abhyanga massages.

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