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Champagne Oysters and Caviar Tacos in G’town

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Okay, no more football talk. Time to start thinking about spring. Baseball. Short-sleeve shirts. Boating.

And bars that remind you of boating.

Like Orange Anchor, a seaworthy bar/restaurant, soft-opening Monday on the harbor.

Thankfully, this is not a Syracuse bar. What it is: a love letter to Georgetown boats and boaters that’ll be perfect come summer. Take a look, then mull over what you’ll want to do here, based on the following three levels of nautical-ness...

You Never Want a Boat. You Can’t Even Swim: No matter. Just make for the stainless-steel bar. Order their take on an Orange Crush, cans of cheap beer complete with koozies and a duck confit corn dog.

You Hope to One Day Have a Boat: Better get back to work. But when you get here, familiarize yourself with the reggae on the stereo, their 40 rums and cocktails with smoked pineapple.

You Have a Boat: Great. Pick a table. It comes with a gratis taste of champagne. Then get into Caviar Tacos with Yukon Gold potato shells, and Champagne Oysters, with the half-shells drained and filled with bubbly. Or just call ahead and let them deliver food and ice to your yacht.

Or kayak. Whatever.


Orange Anchor
3050 K St NW
(at Washington Harbour)
Washington, DC, 20007


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