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Pork Rillettes and Bottles of Wine Downtown

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On Sunday, you will feast on wings and chili and questionable dips.

So until then, how about something else...

Something exactly like Café Momentum, a friendly new dinner spot from Chad Houser, now open Downtown.

We’ll give you a moment to look around. See the white and blue walls, the open kitchen and all those communal wooden tables? Good. That’s what you’re working with here. Also, your vision seems just fine.

They’re just doing dinner, and only Thursday through Saturday. So go ahead and make a reservation for you and... let’s say three friends. That seems like a good amount. Anyway, we’re sure you can take it from here.

But if pressed, we’d probably say something like, “Get the fried pork rillettes, the smoked fried chicken and something else that’s definitely not fried, like a bottle of wine. Or the scallops with ricotta gnocchi.” Yeah, that sounds like us. (Here’s the menu.)

Oh, and you probably recognize the name. That’s because these guys have been doing charitable pop-ups around town for the past few years. So by eating here, you’re doing your part to help people.

Eating sure feels good sometimes.


Café Momentum
1510 Pacific Ave
Dallas, TX, 75201


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