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Big-Game Takeout for the Big Game

Super Bowl’s coming up. Oh, you heard? Great. So we’ll just skip to the part where we become extra wordplay-y and say, “Here are five delicious takeout options that all involve big game for the big game.”

Wild-Boar Gnocchi

Wild-Boar Gnocchi

You Require: That old staple of Super Bowl foods: gnocchi. Maybe not, but putting boar in it makes it sort of okay.
You’ll Receive: The wildest of boars with chestnut gnocchi, chive flowers and cacio tartufo. So what basically happened there is unnecessarily fancy sports-watching food.

La Tavola, $18, 992 Virginia Ave NE, 404-873-5430

Antelope Patty Melt

Antelope Patty Melt

You Require: Something between two pieces of bread that we’re about to make a really bad joke about.
You’ll Receive: Antelope, bacon and cheese on rye, which sounds much better than a “Tom Brady and Gazelle” sandwich. Told you.

Ostrich Sliders

Ostrich Sliders

You Require: Tiny sandwiches made from big birds.
You’ll Receive: Mini ostrich burgers with roasted tomato, arugula and rosemary aioli. Pick up a few orders, pass them around and pretend to be interested in either team. We’ll get ’em next... anyway.

Yebo, $16, 3500 Peachtree Rd NE, Ste 1096B, 404-467-4988

Chicken Fried Rabbit Wings

Chicken Fried Rabbit Wings

You Require: Finger foods.
You’ll Receive: Tennessee buttermilk fried rabbit legs, with an in-house barrel-aged hot sauce that will 1) take care of your longing for delicious fried hare, and 2) make you the person who brought rabbit wings to the party. Whatever the game’s outcome, you sort of win.

Crispy-Duck Tacos

Crispy-Duck Tacos

You Require: Handheld vehicles with which to transport crispy duck meat topped with chipotle coleslaw to your mouth and the mouths of your fellow game-day companions.
You’ll Receive: Whatever we just said up there...

Cook Hall, $12, 3377 Peachtree Rd NE, 404-523-3600

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