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Starting your day with a hearty breakfast: important.

Ending your day with an Old Fashioned: also important.

Allowing you to do both of those things at the same place: Community Smith...

It’s a shiny new early-morning-breakfast, midafternoon-snack, happy-hour-beer, dinner-with-a-date, late-night, why-the-hell-not kind of place that’s now taking reservations and opens Wednesday in Midtown. (Here’s your slideshow.)

Upon entering, you’ll notice a formidable set of stairs in the entry hall. Forget those for now. We’ll discuss those soon. First, many delights await you.

Like the bar. It’s big, it’s made of thick white marble and it holds drinks. They focus heavily on classic cocktails here, which means that if you order a Negroni or a French 75, you’ll get exactly what you asked for. Classic.

Then, you dine. Head to one of the many leather-bound booths or a communal table. Have some migas with fried eggs, chorizo and country gravy if it’s breakfast. Have some porchetta with rosemary elote if it’s dinner. Have some champagne if it’s breakfast or dinner.

And, right. Back to those stairs. Come March, they’ll lead to a rooftop patio that will have its own grill and bar and serve burgers, brats and other handheld rooftop accouterments.

So... beer.


Community Smith
866 W Peachtree St NW
Atlanta, GA, 30308


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