Things to do for January 23, 2015

The Weekender

Pac-Man Brunch, a Ramen Pop-Up and Sid Mashburn

The weekend just has one of those faces.

Sid Mashburn. Up to 50% Off. Nice Ring.

Sid Mashburn. Up to 50% Off. Nice Ring.

A couple times a year, when the moons align and Sid Mashburn is feeling particularly caring, those of us fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of one of his up-to-50%-off sales... will be. That’s now, by the way. Now’s one of those times.

Breakfast Tacos and Mortal Kombat

Breakfast Tacos and <em>Mortal Kombat</em>

If you’re the type of person who likes vintage arcade games and eating breakfast at any time of the day, congrats. If not, we don’t believe you. Either way, Bad Dog Taqueria is now serving weekend brunch inside of Joystick. Breakfast tacos and Dolly Parton pinball. This just might work.

Board the Streetcar. Go to Bars.

Board the Streetcar. Go to Bars.

Riding the streetcar and going to bars are two things you’re about to do. You’ll hop on, head down the line and stop at five spots along the way while enjoying a gratis adult refreshment at each. This is definitely what John Henry had in mind.

You. Having Fun. In a Freight Depot.

You. Having Fun. In a Freight Depot.

You’ll enjoy food and drinks from over 50 Atlanta chefs and bartenders from the likes of the Optimist and Empire State South, dance to Yacht Rock Revue and bid on things at an auction. And you’ll do all of this in the Georgia Railroad Freight Depot while raising money for charities. Yay, selflessness.

Next Thursday
One Night of Ramen in a BBQ Joint

One Night of Ramen in a BBQ Joint

When you go to Sweet Auburn BBQ, you expect BBQ. Next Thursday, prepare to be disappointed. Except not at all. Because for one joyous night, a Kimball House chef is taking over and making you some BBQ-inspired ramen. There are no tickets, so get there early. Not tent-and-MREs-early, but yeah.

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