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Grilled Cheese and Beer in Bishop Arts

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You know that magical recurring dream where cheddar grows on trees and rivers overflow with swiss...

No? Huh... maybe it’s just us.

But today we’re one day closer to making it a reality.

So don’t have lactose issues because here’s Dallas Grilled Cheese Co., a real-life utopia of cheesy sandwiches and good beers, now open in Bishop Arts. (See the slideshow.)

Talk about a place that saw a market and cornered it. The market here being a desire to partake in comforting grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup in an environment that differs strikingly from your childhood home. Unless, of course, your childhood home was sporting a full bar, wood-and-metal everything and Edison bulbs. In that case... nice. Also, weird.

So come for lunch. Or dinner. Or midday snacks. But definitely order a grilled cheese sandwich. Those vary from classic to elaborate, with the latter camp including spicy pork-and-cheese numbers and even a dessert option with mascarpone and cinnamon on grilled raisin bread. (Look at this menu.)

The beer, though... it’s just good local beer. No cheese in that, which is something you’re probably okay with.

But it does give you ideas for Queso Lite™.


Dallas Grilled Cheese Co.
310 W 7th St
Dallas, TX, 75208


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