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Momi, Oh My

A Gyoza Bar from the Momi Ramen Crew

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A brief Japanese primer:

Biru: beer.

Gyoza: dumplings.

Biiru mou ippai onegaishimasu: one more beer, please.

Good work, reading that. Now get yourself to Momi Gyoza Bar, a simple little izakaya with a knack for making gyoza and pouring cold and plentiful sake, soft-open now in Brickell. (Here’s the slideshow.)

This is in the former Rosinella spot. That was nice while it lasted. But now the Momi Ramen crew has transformed the space into the city’s first gyoza bar: a Japanese pub with wooden planks on the wall, Edison bulbs in glass milk bottles and white billowing curtains trying their best to contain the sound of bubbling hot pots and the clinking of celebratory beer. Which... good luck with that.

Come here with a group of friends who have an appreciation for dumplings and sake. Go to the counter, place your order and take your numbered torch to one of three communal tables. There’s more than enough room there to house pork belly gyoza, chicken-heart hot-pot rice and plates of wasabi-pork shumai.

Just make sure you bring cash. That’s all they’re taking here.

Oh, and your soul.



Momi Gyoza Bar
1036 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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