Yolk’s on You

A Breakfast-and-Lunch Spot from Chicago

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Waking up is tough if you don’t have coffee, bacon and french toast to look forward to.

Hard to imagine that being an issue for you anytime soon.

Rise and shine for Yolk, a friendly breakfast-and-lunch spot that takes its eggs seriously. It just opened this morning at One Arts Plaza, and you can see it here.

And you can find even more details below.

These guys hail from Chicago. Which is a pretty good food town. Which also means no Bears jokes.

Inside: lots of yellow. It’s kind of a theme here, what with the name being Yolk and all. You’ve also got wood floors, wood tables and big, bright windows that open to the courtyard.

They’re doing a fine breakfast. So swing by before work (they open at 6am) for coffee and a five-egg omelet. Assemble some clients for a midmorning meeting over pot roast benedicts. Or skip work entirely and leisurely read the newspaper/some newspaper app while going to town on french toast. (Full menu, here.)

Stay for lunch. Because they’re serving burgers, sandwiches and bowls of chili. And lunchtime is when you typically crave things like burgers, sandwiches and bowls of chili.

Well, then and other times.

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