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24-Hour South Asian in Penn Quarter

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Sometimes you need a spicy burger on naan at noon. Sometimes you need one at 3am.

We’re not here to question...

We’re just here to tell you about Grand Trunk, a smart-looking, 24-hour South Asian spot opening later this week.

Get a load of this place. You could be forgiven if you get a bit of a nightclubby vibe. Maybe it’s the alligator-embossed, black leather lounge seating. Maybe it’s the world music. Maybe it’s the occasional musician or dancer who may show up.

But... it’s not a nightclub. It’s your new spot for bowls of spiced lentils, lamb masala and whatever other Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi/Afghan cravings you’ve got.

At lunch, you’ll want to order and hang out on the main level. Sit at the circular naan bar and watch the baker pull fresh naan out of the oven.

But if you’re looking to escape the office for the afternoon, or if you need some post-last-call sustenance, head downstairs. That’s where you’ll find a 2,500-pound communal table and nearly 70 TVs—some showing sports and news, some showing James Bond movies, some embedded in the floor.

Don’t step on Maria Bartiromo.


Grand Trunk
641 Indiana Ave NW
(at 7th)
Washington, DC, 20004


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