Tokyo Blue

Tokyo Drift

A River of Sushi Flows Through Downtown

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There’s this sushi joint...

With generous pours of sake...

And a river...

Of floating nigiri...

Made by Nobu vets...

Let us know if we should keep going here...

Or just get yourself to Tokyo Blue, a bamboo-laden compound with top-end sakes and a veritable river of sushi, now open in Downtown. (Here’s the slideshow.)

If the name sounds familiar, well, yeah. The original is up in Fort Lauderdale. But this new location is an upgrade. For one, they’ve poached the grill master, saucier and chef from Nobu. For two, they’ve got one of those nifty sushi rivers.

Step inside and you’ll see what we mean. It has cool blue lights. It has a swirling blue acrylic floor. It has that blue-lit sushi river. It... clearly has a theme.

Anyway, you’ll come here to score points with a die-hard pescetarian. Grab a couple of seats at the U-shaped bar and order some sake. Then, start plucking plates from the boats floating down the river before you. Slabs of sliced tuna, rolls, temaki. All that good stuff.

Oh, and they’re also doing robata. Using steaks sourced from the same farm Peter Luger in Brooklyn gets theirs.

So the references check out.


Tokyo Blue
139 NE 3rd Ave
Miami, FL 33131


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