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“This place is great, but there’s not enough room at the bar.”

“What do I have to do to get a chorizo Scotch egg around here?”

“Is there a Western Sizzlin’ nearby?”

Those are things you won’t be saying at American Food and Beverage, a very self-explanatorily named place opening by the end of the week at (weird) Buckhead Atlanta. (Here’s the slideshow and the sample menu.)

Let’s see, where to start. Right. There’s a bar. It’s... huge. Just really huge. The kind of place to kick the evening off with a michelada or a Creole Cocktail with rye, Bénédictine and Amer.

Then, whenever you’re ready, turn approximately 180 degrees on your stool.

You’ll see windows. Big floor-to-ceiling ones. Spend some time feeling bad for the person who has to Windex those, then hop over to a table underneath one and eat some braised pork shank or Duck Pot Pie. It’s like regular pot pie, except it has duck. So it’s better.

After celebrating the fact that you’re currently undefeated in making correct choices, head back to the bar and motion for the special rotating drink menu. It’s on a granite chalkboard that they’ll roll down to you for your viewing and ordering pleasure.

Big bar. Traveling menu.

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