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A Thai Place Straight from Bangkok

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Who: You. With a hungry companion or two.
Where: Downtown.
Why: Well, yellow-curry lobster, to begin with.
What: Mango Tree, the first US outpost of a Bangkok-based restaurant empire, here with an assist from Richard Sandoval (Masa 14, El Centro).
When: It opens Thursday night.

Yup, it’s at CityCenterDC, but unlike some of their other spots, you can pull off a relaxed first date here. Arrive a little early and start at the oval bar downstairs. Overhead: a giant chandelier, which happens to also store liquor bottles. Bottles that make their way into things like lychee Bellinis and whiskeys with house ginger beer. Cool.

Then it’s upstairs to the dining room. It’s a beauty. (Take a look here.) Grab a red velvet booth or a two-top by the window. Either way, you’ll find a dried guajillo chili pepper tied to your napkin.

Do what you want with that, then start deciding between a prime strip steak with spicy northeastern Thai dipping sauce, deep-fried fish with sweet-chili sauce or... hell, why not... three different lobster dishes—baked in yellow curry powder, stir-fried with tamarind sauce or in a sweet-and-sour broth.

We believe the term is “lobster flight.”

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