Prova Pizzeria

Going Prova

Volcanic Pizza and Italian Wine in West Hollywood

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Authentic pies at Prova Pizzeria, opening Monday in West Hollywood? Guessing you’re not opposed.

This is a casual spot for serious pizza (here’s the slideshow), when you don’t have two hours for a drawn-out dinner. Made by the same Italian who put Michael’s on Naples on the map. In Long Beach.

Hit the white marble counter, order—and 90 seconds later, you’ll have a glass of red and a pie with all Italian ingredients from the black-tile, wood-burning ovens. It will be yours.

You could go for a classic margherita. But then you’d miss out on the pistachio-and-mortadella pie or the Vesuvio, blanketed with a bubble of dough that gets popped like a volcano.

And you never miss a good pizza show.


Prova Pizzeria
8729 Santa Monica Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069


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