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A Hidden Drinkery Connected to KR SteakBar

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Someone whispered something to you about it the other day.

KR SteakBar. New speakeasy thing. Hidden door.

You’re not sure. The details were fuzzy.

So let’s go ahead and un-fuzz those for you, shall we...

It’s called The Bureau, it’s now open on Friday and Saturday nights, and it’s where you’ll be closing out your week.

You see, this was originally planned as a private room for the adjacent KR SteakBar. Reservations only. Big group parties. That type of thing. But then people talked, and other people listened. And now you can just... go there.

There’s two ways in:

1) Through the unmarked black door to the left of the main entrance. Look for the red lightbulbs.
2) Straight through the kitchen.

Once inside, you’ll notice an apothecary of fine spirits on display on the mirrored back bar. Tell the barkeep you want a drink. Make one up. Say, something with bourbon that’s slightly citrusy. He’ll make it and set it on the bar. Which is marble. And glows.

You’ll also notice the black walls covered with Prohibition images, a massive mural of a 1920s federal agent and some wraparound booths. Should you require sustenance, hop into one and summon a porterhouse or something from KR SteakBar. They share a menu.

But hey, no worries if you already had plans tonight.


The Bureau
next to KR SteakBar
349 Peachtree Hills Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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