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Johnny’s Hideaway.

We’re sure you know all about that.

No implications, it’s just a real statistical possibility.

Just like there’s a real statistical possibility you’d want to know about this related nugget of information.

Take heed all ye who enter Buckhead Tavern, a new bar’s bar with cold beer, live music and a little Johnny’s in its DNA, opening Thursday in Buckhead. (The slideshow’s here and the menu’s here.)

This is what you need to know:

About that Johnny’s reference...
It’s co-owned by Johnny Esposito Sr.’s son. The words “too big too fail” come to mind. That aside, it’s the kind of laid-back spot you just want to come watch a game in, thanks to the big U-shaped bar and ample beers on tap.

Your options: lunch. Dinner. Weekend nightcaps.
The portions are pretty Flinestonian. Like the Brined Thick-Cut Pork Chop with rosemary apple jus, or the egg-and-bourbon-bacon-jam-topped Modern Burger. All things that’ll go well with cucumber-basil gimlets and some bluesy or Southern-y live music.

There’s a private dining room near the back.
It has another full-service bar, more flat-screens and room for about 60 people. So basically: a very discreet sports lounge.

No word on a legendary cougar contingent yet.


Buckhead Tavern
264 Pharr Rd NE
Atlanta, GA, 30305


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